About Dan Martin

About Dan Martin


Meet Dan Martin, a Class A PGA Professional and US Kids Golf Master Kids Golf Teacher who serves as the Director of Instruction at California Junior Golf and teaching professional at Hansen Dam Golf Course. With over two decades of teaching experience and a passion for junior golfer development, Dan is dedicated to helping golfers of all skill levels unlock their true potential on the course. Through his innovative approach and unique golf swing trainer called The PRO, Dan empowers his students to find their effective golf swing and excel in competitive golf.

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A Message from Dan Martin

Dan Martin understands that every golfer is unique. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, Dan's teaching philosophy centers around individualized instruction. With an emphasis on simple and natural techniques, he works closely with each student to develop a customized approach that suits their abilities and goals. This personalized approach helps golfers of all levels achieve their maximum potential.

“True greatness is the steady willingness to improve day in and day out, regardless of how good or bad you played. True greatness is continuous learning and growth.”

– Dan Martin


Your Natural Movements are the Key

At My True Swing, Dan Martin believes that every golfer has their own unique natural movements, and unlocking those movements is the key to unlocking their true swing potential. Rather than forcing players into a strict mold or trying to mimic a specific swing style, Dan helps his students discover their natural rhythm and motion on the golf course. By paying attention to their body's intuitive movements and working with them, Dan empowers golfers to develop an authentic swing that feels effortless and produces consistent results.

“To think that you have arrived based on a great performance is not the thinking of those who continue to perform at a high level.”

– Dan Martin


Through targeted exercises and drills, Dan helps golfers tap into their natural movements to create a fluid and efficient swing. By aligning their body and club in a way that complements their unique physical abilities, golfers can achieve a more consistent and powerful swing that feels natural and comfortable. Dan's approach leads to improved performance on the golf course and helps golfers develop a deeper connection with the game and a greater sense of confidence in their abilities.

The PRO Swing Trainer

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The Inspiration Behind My True Swing

The inspiration behind My True Swing lies in Dan Martin's unwavering dedication to junior golf development and his passion for helping golfers of all levels achieve their full potential. With over 25 years of teaching experience and a focus on cultivating a positive learning environment, Dan has witnessed firsthand the transformative power of finding one's authentic swing. Having worked extensively with junior golfers throughout his career, Dan recognized the need for a more personalized approach that acknowledges each player's unique abilities and dreams. He realized that a cookie-cutter approach to teaching golf not only hindered growth but also stifled the joy and passion that should be inherent in the game.

This realization led Dan to create My True Swing, where he combines his expertise in swing development with an unwavering belief in the power of natural movements. By empowering golfers to embrace their individuality and find their own effective swing, Dan aims to provide a transformative experience that goes beyond the golf course. He believes that when golfers connect with their true swing, they unlock a sense of freedom, self-expression, and joy that extends far beyond their time on the fairways.

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Introducing The PRO: Revolutionizing Swing Development

Dan's passion for innovation has led him to create a unique swing development product called The PRO, which stands for “Precise Rotational Orbit.” This groundbreaking design simplifies the learning process by integrating the principles of gravity and rotational physics into a fluid-motion golf swing. Whether you're new to golf or seeking to break free from old habits, The PRO is a must-have tool to elevate your game and establish a solid foundation.

“Take a moment after your best rounds and recognize the hard work you put in … If you can turn that into continuing the desire to work even a little harder, you will continue to improve and reach new levels throughout your golf life.”

– Dan Martin


Driving Junior Tournament Golf in LA

As the former US Kids Golf Los Angeles Local Tour Director, Dan was deeply involved in organizing and operating more than 24 golf events annually in the Greater LA area. With his extensive experience and knowledge in tournament golf, Dan created opportunities for junior golfers to compete and showcase their skills. Through his efforts, he contributed to the growth and development of the next generation of golfing champions.

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Elevating Junior Golf in Southern California

Dan is a founding partner of The California Junior Golf Tour, a prestigious organization that hosts multi-day nationally ranked junior golf events at various Southern California venues. This tour not only provides junior golfers with opportunities to compete at a high level but also offers year-round player development programs at local courses. Through these initiatives, Dan is actively shaping the future of junior golf in the region.

When it comes to unlocking your true swing and achieving your golfing goals, Dan Martin is the go-to expert in Southern California. Through his decades of teaching experience, dedication to junior golf development, and the revolutionary swing development product, The PRO, Dan is revolutionizing the way golfers approach the game. Discover your full potential under his personalized guidance and embark on a journey toward success on the golf course.

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