The PRO Golf Motion Training Program

Discover Your True Swing: Unleash your Full Potential with The PRO!

Discover Your True Swing and Unleash Your Full Potential

The PRO Golf Motion Development Program is for the golfer that is READY to commit to uncovering the natural, powerful, and effortless TRUE golf motion that already exists in them. This is for the golfer that is tired of tips and fixes and wants to commit to long term-development of unlocking their TRUE SWING! Learning to "sling" the PRO correctly will change your perception once and for all on how an elite golf motion works. It is a process that requires support and coaching, led by Dan Martin, PGA and his team of My True Swing coaches. It's an evolution, not a revolution. It's not about the PRO as just another golf training device, it's much, much more rich than that. The PRO + our simple coaching will incrementally uncover the awesome golf motion that already exists in your body without going through a bunch of endless positions and drills. Our training process will get you to learn YOUR elite golf motion with the same natural process you used to learn how to use a spoon or toss a ball. It will be learned as a motion and your body will naturally refine it through experience! With each practice session, you will continue to gain clarity and a true understanding of the physics that govern our golf motion!

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What Is the PRO Swing Training System?

The PRO Golf Swing Training System is a revolutionary program built around the PRO - our patented golf motion development tool designed to transform your golf swing and elevate your game to new heights, without thinking about endless positions and isolated movements. The PRO eliminates the rigidity of the shaft, offering a unique training experience immediately connecting to your instinct to move efficiently. It replaces the standard shaft with a rope-like structure, making you aware of your body's natural movements. Training with the PRO changes your perception of what a golf swing actually is. Our training program provides the clear intention of how to use it effectively to build the model of your TRUE SWING. This ultimately leads to a natural positive change in the action of your golf swing motion.

The PRO Golf Swing Training System frees golfers from the misconceptions that have held them back from continuous growth and learning. Whether you're a seasoned golfer or a beginner, The PRO Swing Training System will get you and keep you on the right track to a lifetime of positive development, improvement, and joy from playing the great game of golf!

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How The PRO Golf Swing Trainer Improves Your Swing

The PRO golf swing development tool removes the "lie" of the golf club - the rigid shaft. This allows users to immediately bypass the club's center of mass, immediately eliminating the manipulations that complicate and even destroy the natural power & efficiency of a golf motion. Removing the rigidity of the shaft eradicates the myriad of options that can lead to swing inconsistencies. The end goal is to learn how to keep all the components of the PRO in alignment during the motion - it's not as easy as it looks, but well worth the effort. This simple cue gives you the feedback that you really want - the knowledge that you are doing it right, instead of worrying what you are doing wrong. The more skill you develop with the PRO, the stronger your understanding of what you need to do to make an elite golf motion with your club!

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Hear firsthand accounts of success from individuals who have experienced the game-changing impact of The PRO.


“Love this. I purchased this for myself as I am a scratch golfer. I struggle with tempo, timing, and position of the golf swing at times. The PRO helps me get in rhythm and it makes sure that I am staying in consistent and proper positions.”


“Got The PRO in the mail today. It is awesome! It is really helping me with my tempo and timing. It's also helping me learn how to properly sequence my swing. One great feature is that it comes with an app download that includes tons of drills and instructional material!”


“Simply the best swing trainer.”