Getting Started with the PRO

Are you consistently slicing your drives with no idea why? Are you still dribbling the ball off the tee, despite watching dozens of slow-motion golf tutorials? If so, you don’t need to get frustrated — you just need to get the PRO Swing Training System from My True Swing.!

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What Is the PRO Swing Training System?

The PRO Swing Training System is a weighted golf swing trainer that’s designed to harness the laws of physics in order to improve your body’s natural swing motion. The secret lies in its simplicity. With only a golf grip, a rope-like shaft, and a weight on the end, not only is it incredibly easy to fit inside your golf bag, but it also makes any problems with your swing immediately apparent.

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Benefits of Using the PRO Swing Trainer

Practicing with the PRO Swing Trainer has notable benefits for average joes and professional golfers alike. When you train with it regularly, you can expect to improve your swing consistency, solidify your swing tempo, and reinforce proper body rotation. All you have to do is focus on keeping the flexible shaft straight throughout your swing — it’s that easy!

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How To Get Started

After you order your PRO Swing Training System, the journey to becoming a better golfer begins. We recommend taking advantage of our instructional video library, which covers everything from beginner swing mechanics to advanced golf techniques. These videos will help you maximize the benefits of your PRO Swing Trainer, so you can see meaningful results in no time.

See Improvements In Your Swing Today!

If you’re frustrated with your golf performance, you’ve likely tried dozens of golf training aids already. From using alignment sticks to holding a pool noodle between your arms, the amount of suggestions online is practically endless, not to mention the fact that most are ineffective. If you’re looking for a swing training method that works, look no further than the PRO Swing Training System.

The longer you wait to improve your swing, the harder it will be to break your bad habits. So don’t wait to try out the PRO Swing Trainer!

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What Our Customers Are Saying


I've been using your "PRO" golf training device and I've been watching your U-Tube videos. I've gotten tremendous benefit from doing both. The "Pro" training device has been unbelievable in the development of my golf swing. I've swung it 9100 times (I'm keeping track on Excel) and its teaching me the feel of a good swing and its making me aware of things that I doubt I would otherwise ever have discovered without its use.

Mark T


The PRO Swing Trainer helped me with my tempo, rhythm, and timing of the complete turn of the shoulders and torso. I now allow the momentum of the club head move through the full swing. I am hitting the ball farther with less effort as I'm not just using my arms but rotating my body. The PRO helped me realize how lightly you actually need to hold the club to generate natural swing power.

Betty S


The PRO Swing Training System completely change the thought process on my swing. It's taught me to swing freely and the results are extraordinary. Not only has the pro added distance, but accuracy for my driver and irons. I swing my PRO before every practice session and tournament round. It's a must have for every golfer serious about their game.

Nick B